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May 11, 2011 / soyoungee

how to: plan a wedding online

What I would do without the internet, I do not know.. so ever since the E day, i’ve been spending hours (too much, IMO) online browsing vendors, venues, dresses, shoes, blogs.. etc. i have to say that the internet is amAZing.! YAY YAY YAY! Over the past couple of days I have found…

1. my dress!
2. my shoes!
3. four REAL budget-friendly *beautiful* contenders for the wedding venue (ceremony + reception)
4. many caterers (thanks to the knot!)
5. lots of ideas for my invitation, save the dates, programs.. etc…

A sneak peak at THE shoes!




May 1, 2011 / soyoungee

venue hunting

it’s been 2 weeks since the question… and we’ve finally been out to visit our first venue! YAY! to be absolutely honest, we didn’t love it, and we’re moving on… but i just wanted to say that i have had the MOST blessed time working with wedding coordinators (WC) thus far! everyone has been beyond super helpful, accomodating, and lovely in each encounter! YAY!

Some venues in the running: 

1. vineyard in temecula

2. the westlake plaza in west lake village

3. looking for a quaint church in the southern california area…

In a couple of weeks we will be using our 4 days off before graduation to look at a couple of places.. can’t wait!

April 26, 2011 / soyoungee

the color board

The first step. Figure out what my color board will consist of. One of the MOST important decisions I will make. Hands down. I’m one of those “if you could choose sound or color in your world (and you can only choose one!) which would you choose? I choose color”  – girl. And so here it is. A bit of mixing and matching – big thanks to 100 layer cake‘s blog for the color-board inspirations, my lil sister E for pointing me towards a couple of them, and the world for helping me pick the perfect colors for T and myself. ❤

Silver Gold Ivory + a splash of fig. <3…  
What would YOU choose? Color or Music?

April 26, 2011 / soyoungee

the engagement (4-16)

it has finally happened, and it was a surprise in more ways that one. hats off to my future hubbie, T. thank you for the beautiful, heart-felt proposal on our favorite beach. just the two of us. thank you for the day trip the next day. from the hike, to the tidal pools, to the scrumptious lunch you packed & prepared it was pretty much super duper perfect! YAY!